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Well when I was younger my first dream was soccer and I did that since I was 3.. I was also on a soccer team through all my schools, but i quit after Freshman year because I needed something new to do.

Then my next goal was getting back into Gymnastics.. did that.. finally got a trophy.. but where I went there wasen't enough girls my age. It was a little tricky on the balance beam because I used to fall all the time when I was younger on it, but I got my balance better. So I achieved that dream.

Then I got into Theatre, next year I will start acting. I also did that when I was younger. So now im seeing if I can do it again without something bad happening lol. If i like it next year I will be going into Theatre at college.

Now my new dream also is getting into cheerleading lol..
It's kinda funny because these are all the things I did when I was little too.

O yea and im new here

I'm all out of faith...This is how I feel: determineddetermined
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Date:September 12th, 2006 03:53 pm (UTC)


Hi! You're one active person! It's great that you are capable of taking up so many activities in short periods of time. Makes you developed in all spheres. Where are you from? I'm curious.
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