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Helloooo.... - Chase Your Dreams

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Previous Entry Helloooo.... Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 03:56 pm Next Entry

Hey there

Yea, so my dream-achieving is going no where.  Well, I mean, I'm working towards it.  Lessons are going pretty good.  i'm not doing great, but I'm learning alot.  I think I need to seriously sit down with my trainer and just tell her what I'm working towards.  She's tough on her students already, but maybe she'll get a little incentive to push me a little more.  I wonder if she even thinks I can.  *pushes that thought out of mind* 

I'm reading "Life in the Galloping Lane".  It's about David and Karen O'Connor and how they made it.  They're 3-Day eventors.  Before reading the book, I didn't really want to go to the Olympics, basically because I didn't think I could, but...they explained about their first experience and...I really want to.  And if I don't make it...well...it'll be fun...right?

But, now what to do about college?  I was previously going to be an equine veterinarian.  But, what if I go to Lake Erie College, and go for a veterinarian technician, then train,own, breed, etc my own horses.  ?? why not, right?  I'll have the day job of a vet tech, then...I can compete!  It sounds perfect.  Maybe, a full blown vet isn't the thing for me.  What do you all think?

Well, that's all.  I'm getting kinda bored of reading my own updates. *winkwink* lol.

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