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Welcome to the Chase Your Dreams Community. I got the idea for this community from one of my best friends, torn_fae_wings. In an entry that she made today (April 29, 2004), she reminded me that, whether we really know it or not, we all have dreams for our lives. She reminded me that if we want something bad enough, then we have what it takes to go for them.

She also reminded me that the journey to fulfilling our dreams isn't always easy. The road can be full of setbacks, whether the setback is a tragedy in the famiy or the loss of a loved one, as it was for her, or it's something where you know what you want, but you don't know how to go about making it happen.

That's why this community is in existence. This is a place where we can come, express our dreams, whether they be an aspiration for your life, or whether it's simply a goal you've wanted to work toward. This is a place where we can make our dreams known, seek advice, give advice, give encouragement.

Chase Your Dreams is here so that we may find the courage to chase our dreams and to not give up.

Here are the rulse (yes, there are rules, but they're relatively simple):

Rule 1: Obviously, this is a place to find encouragement where you might not find encouragement anywhere else (from family or friends, etc.) I'm going to make it clear right now that bashing of any kind will NOT be tolerated. Friendly banter is one thing, but seeking blood isn't.

Rule 2: I'm not too picky about things going "off topic". If people here become friends and a conversation starts in the comments area, then fine. It's cool. If we can try to watch ourselves on the off topic stuff, great. But no one's going to get thrown out because of it. Considering that people's aspirations and goals can take up such a wide variety of topics, I don't see how it would be useful to crack down on things that go "off topic".

Rule 3: Well, I guess this isn't really an actual rule. More along the lines of a request: We would love to hear how the progress is going toward any aspirations or goals you've made known. So I would love it if you keep us updated. ^_^

Other than that, that's all I can really think of for right now. If I think of anything else, then I'll add that on to here.